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Home-made Jams and Sirups!

Home-made Jams and Sirups!

We are a Czech company with a tradition in hand-made jams and sirups. We make them from the highest quiality ingrediences from the whole Europe. Jams containt only fruits, beet sugar and pectin.  We cook gently and with love...

We enjoy the pure taste of individual types of fruit and we don't mix them with spices, alcohol, chocolate or other taste disrupting elements. Plus low sugar level allows the natural taste and smell of fruit to come out.

Single ingredient jams with low sugar content. At least 80% of one-kind fruit and at the most 20% sugar. These levels were approved by tests from SZPI / CAFIA (Státní zemědělská a potravinářská inspekce / Czech Agriculture and Food Inspectio Authority). Jams are without coloring, aromas, flavoring or other harmful substances.

Jams without added sugar - 100% fruit. We have widen our offer for people with diabetes, Moms who do not wish to give sugar to their children and for those, who do not wish to eat sugar. These jams contain only on type of fruit too. They have no added sugar or artificial sweetener, not even by the new types of sweetners - like stevia... only fruit and pectin.

Sirups from fresh fruit juices. Ours contain 34% of fresh fruit juice, sugar, water and citric acid. No fruit concentrates, preservatives, aromas or colorings. Just an excellent sirup from real fruit.

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